Erin McCarthy, school social worker at Bielefield School in Middletown, tells “of ‘lots of kids’ who get off the school bus in the morning; you look at them and you know they really need something warm to wear, that their torn sweatshirt is all they’ve got. When recess time comes all the kids have to go to recess (unless they opt to stay inside). But without a coat these kids are cold. So usually we’ll just cobble something together to make sure they are warm enough, layers of clothing from the Lost-and-Found, or a teacher’s coat.”

Erin continued, “Isn’t it terrible that, in this age and time, so many little children can be so lacking in what most of us take for granted….the basic winter things needed for our cold New England winters?”

McCarthy said Warm The Children, the program that provides new winter clothing and footwear for needy children, “makes all the difference to so many children at her school. Without it lots of kids would just have to go through the winter with a torn sweatshirt – and never be able to go outside on the playground with their own coat. As they get off the school bus I’ve asked kids, ‘where is your coat?’ and they answer, ‘I don’t have it yet,” meaning they haven’t gone Warm The Children shopping yet. But I know they will because I referred the family, and I know that soon they’ll have a new coat.”