As publisher of the Vilas County News-Review, I believe the Warm The Children program does more than any other single program or project we do to make us truly a community newspaper. It shows that we pay more than lip service to the subject of helping people in the community who have needs — a hands-on project where we use every facet of newspapering available to raise $65,000 a year and provide winter clothing to 550 plus children every year. Our coordinator, one of our full-time employees, spends countless hours organizing publicity, working with volunteers and coordinating both fund-raising and shopping. Our editorial department helps out as well. And every penny raised goes for clothing as all administrative costs are paid by the News-Review.

While helping children and families is No. 1, the News-Review also enjoys with little fanfare some big state and national awards — including First Place Community Service from the National Newspaper Association. So the program, and our successful efforts, are recognized as being a pretty big deal on the state and national level. And it’s really all because of an extremely generous community that joins us in this charitable venture, knowing the importance of good winter clothing in this snowbelt climate.

Kurt Krueger, Publisher
Vilas County News Review
Eagle River WI