color_logoWarm The Children is a program whose mission is to provide new warm winter clothing for children of needy families. The mission is accomplished with the cooperative effort of Warm The Children, Inc., a local newspaper, a local charity partner (if the newspaper chooses to have one), social service agency or schools, volunteer shoppers, and cooperating retailers.

Early in the fall and into the winter a newspaper asks its readers (with ‘house ads’ and news stories) for monetary donations for its Warm The Children program.. Every penny collected is used to buy new winter clothing and footwear for needy children in the newspaper’s circulation area. No donation funds are used for administration.

The newspaper may create its own Warm The Children tax exempt organization (a few have done so) or, like most others, partner with a local service organization (Like Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions) that has IRS 501 (c) (3) recognition (this allows donations to be tax deductible). Families to be served are identified by staff at local schools, social service agencies, or similar organizations whose job it is to know of families in need. Contact information for each family is given to a Warm The Children coordinator (someone appointed by the newspaper/service organization) who assigns each family to a volunteer shopper. Shopper and family meet at a local store and together select appropriate winter wear for the children. No money changes hands, the store bills the Warm The Children program for all purchases.

Warm The Children Inc.’s job is to make it easy to accomplish all of the above with the least effort, and to be available at all times with support.