As publisher of the Vilas County News-Review, I believe the Warm The Children program does more than any other single program or project we do to make us truly a community newspaper. It shows that we pay more than lip service to the subject of helping people in the community who have needs — a hands-on project where we use every facet of newspapering available to raise $65,000 a year and provide winter clothing to 550 plus children every year. Our coordinator, one of our full-time employees, spends countless hours organizing publicity, working with volunteers and coordinating both fund-raising and shopping. Our editorial department helps out as well. And every penny raised goes for clothing as all administrative costs are paid by the News-Review.

While helping children and families is No. 1, the News-Review also enjoys with little fanfare some big state and national awards — including First Place Community Service from the National Newspaper Association. So the program, and our successful efforts, are recognized as being a pretty big deal on the state and national level. And it’s really all because of an extremely generous community that joins us in this charitable venture, knowing the importance of good winter clothing in this snowbelt climate.

Kurt Krueger, Publisher
Vilas County News Review
Eagle River WI

Warm the Children has been a rewarding experience for the community we serve and the people who make the program possible. For those who’ve donated their time to help with the coordination and shopping over the years it has provided a sense of humanity, compassion and understanding of the economic hardships that many families of this area endure. Some who now help were once a recipient of the program and recall what having new, warm winter clothing meant to them.

For the Chronicle, it has been an opportunity to appreciate the warmth and generosity of our readership and wonderful people of our area. There are also many area organizations, businesses, worship fellowships, and anonymous individuals who donate year after year to the program.

We started the program here in 1994 and since then we’ve evolved in our name only, now called Warm the Children-Orleans County, Inc. But the original mission remains the same, to provide new winter outerwear for school-aged children and their families who reside in OrleansCounty. And every penny we receive goes directly to the fund to purchase the clothing.

Tracy Davis Pierce, Publisher
The Chronicle
Barton (Orleans County), Vermont

Service Organizations, Shoppers, Recipient Families

Thank you so much for your generosity of shopping for our little boy at Target. With the help of our kind volunteer shopper, we were able to get boots, pants, gloves, socks and shirts! I recently lost my job and my husband has been diagnosed with end stage kidney failure, so the money hasn’t really been there to buy our son things like we used to. I wish you could have seen him when he saw the bags from Target! His face literally lit up and he wore his new gloves to sleep that night! Thank you for your kindness, generosity and concern. It certainly warmed this mommy’s heart!
An anonymous mom/recipient

The Rotary Club of Hamburg celebrates its 8th year of sponsoring Warm the Children, one of the most beloved service projects within the Hamburg, New York community. When asked what makes this annual program so special, volunteers, donors, referring agencies and partners all agree: it’s the personal contact with local families in need and the opportunity to help them in a unique way.

Warm the Children is so much more than simply writing a check. It’s the involvement of many caring individuals who truly want to make a difference in the lives of children. Many children wish for a bike, a toy or electronics. Some children just simply need warm, winter clothing and the Rotary Club of Hamburg is proud to help make that happen!

Earl Knauss
Hamburg NY Rotary Club

The United Way of Northwest Connecticut is proud to be associated with the Register Citizen’s Warm the Children program. Our partnership, which began in 2007, is one of the first Community Impact programs that the United Way adopted to help address serious community issues. The program raises an average of $13,000 and benefits up to 100 needy children each year.

Cheryl A. Corey
United Way of Northwest CT

Rotary is extremely happy to help partner with the Vilas County News-Review to make this very worthwhile program a success. It fits right into our motto of “Service Above Self” that we do whatever we can to encourage these tax-deductible donations to Rotary, which are entirely available to the News-Review for its Warm The Children program. What a great way to help children and families in the communities we serve.

Byron McNutt
Past President, Eagle River WI Rotary Club

Erin McCarthy, school social worker at Bielefield School in Middletown, tells “of ‘lots of kids’ who get off the school bus in the morning; you look at them and you know they really need something warm to wear, that their torn sweatshirt is all they’ve got. When recess time comes all the kids have to go to recess (unless they opt to stay inside). But without a coat these kids are cold. So usually we’ll just cobble something together to make sure they are warm enough, layers of clothing from the Lost-and-Found, or a teacher’s coat.”

Erin continued, “Isn’t it terrible that, in this age and time, so many little children can be so lacking in what most of us take for granted….the basic winter things needed for our cold New England winters?”

McCarthy said Warm The Children, the program that provides new winter clothing and footwear for needy children, “makes all the difference to so many children at her school. Without it lots of kids would just have to go through the winter with a torn sweatshirt – and never be able to go outside on the playground with their own coat. As they get off the school bus I’ve asked kids, ‘where is your coat?’ and they answer, ‘I don’t have it yet,” meaning they haven’t gone Warm The Children shopping yet. But I know they will because I referred the family, and I know that soon they’ll have a new coat.”