Warm The Children is a co-operative effort of a newspaper and the communities it serves, acting alone or in partnership with a local charity, which provides new winter clothing for the children of needy families. Here’s how it works.
Beginning in the fall each year a newspaper asks its readers, with articles in the news columns and “house ads,” for monetary donations to the newspaper’s Warm The Children Fund. The money that comes in is deposited in a local Warm The Children bank account, and is used exclusively to buy new winter clothing for needy children in the newspaper’s community. None of the money is ever used for “administrative fees.”

Twenty-nine Warm The Children programs serve 13,000+ children each year with $1 million in new winter clothing and footwear.
All donation $$$ are used for clothing purchases, none are used for administration

Our Participating Newspapers

Program sponsors are local newspapers. Here’s what a few newspaper people say about the program:
Warm The Children is a newspaper’s perfect community relations program.
Charles See, Hampshire (WV) Review
The most fulfilling community program we have ever attempted.
Robert C. Carter, Kentucky New Era (Hopkinsville KY)
Any newspaper not using the Warm The Children program is missing a golden opportunity to help their community, their readers, and themselves.
Paul E. London , West Central Tribune, Willmar, MN
Warm the Children has been a rewarding experience for the Chronicle, the community we serve and the people who make the program possible.
Tracy Davis Pierce, the Chronicle (Orleans County VT)
What a wonderful program and opportunity to directly help the children in your local communities who really need it. Take the time and get involved, you’ll be glad you did.
Chip Munich, Dearborn County Register (Lawrenceburg IN)

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